Listed Company Industrial Hemp Forum

KUNMING, China, 15 July 2019 — The first ever “Listed Company Industrial Hemp Forum” was co-organised by China Securities Times and China Research Institute of Listed Companies. This invitation-only forum was attended by CEOs of China public listed companies and top institutional fund managers from influential industry leaders in the industrial hemp scene from both public and private sectors.


Alongside with keynote speakers Deputy Chief Editor of China Securities Times, Director of Conba Group, Chief Hemp Scientist from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IBFC CAAS) and Listing Director of Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), our Group CEO Mr Philip Gu gave a comprehensive overview on the global industrial hemp development. In his presentation he has also shared some insights on the industrial hemp development in the licensing and R&D field of SCU’s subsidiary Huafang Industrial Hemp Co Ltd in China, as well at different countries, such as Israel, Thailand and Malaysia.

After a lunch break, Mr Philip Gu was once again invited to be the keynote speaker of a joint forum with the aforementioned companies. A management representative of the China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative (BRI) Foundation congratulated Mr Philip Gu on SCU’s strong positioning in conjunction with the initiative.

A site visit to SCU’s hemp growing field in Yunnan Province of China was conducted alongside with this Forum on 16 Aug 2019.



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